Croatian colorit

In the last week of April, when weather in Latvia was unpleasant, four girls and two teachers from Dagdas’ Secondry School within the Erasmus+ project went to sunny, warm and colorful Croatia, where they spent one week full of memories and fun experiences, meeting new friends and working with teachers and students from Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Croatia, who were also involved in the project. The trip to Croatia was really long, because they had to go from Dagda to Vilnius, than followed two flights from Vilnius to Vienna(Austria) and from Vienna to the final destination Zagreb (Croatia).

The first thing that surprised us when we arrived to Croatia was the warm weather though we came by in evening, but still the air temperature was above 25C. In Croatia April is hotter then summer in Latvia. Of course, we had already checked weather before going to flight and we were prepared.

LONG WALKS and PEACEFUL atmosphere. Each day of the project was carefully and interestingly planned. Excursions, introduction with Mala Subotica school, eating pauses and other events were held in peaceful atmosphere. Unlike Latvia, where people want all thing to be done quickly, in Croatia people lead a lot more slowly paced life. The first day all project participants went on a 12 km long walk through the beautiful and clean capital city of Croatia-Zagreb. During this excursion we purchased some souvenirs at the local markets and enjoyed peaceful meal. As we later understood all meals in Croatia were long (about one and a half hours). At first this pace was too slow for us, but eventually we got used do it, we also found out shat long meals give the opportunity to communicate during the meal. We found it interesting that at each meal on the table there was drinking water in beautiful glasses, whereas we are used to having juice or compote, even with coffee they served a glass of water. We also found it weirt that in Croatia the main meal in dinner. At the end of first day we rode 2 hours to get to our hotel in a city called Čakovec, where we stayed all week.

Commonwealth events

The next day was spent at Mala Subotica school. At first we went on a short excursion through the school, we were pleasantly surprised to see posters written in languages of all included countries. We were divided in many groups, because there were 24 people from Hungary, 17 from Czech Republic and 11 from Austria and of course people from Croatia. In the first half of day we learnt how to recycle paper, how to write our names in ancient Croatian language, we also played some sports games and board games. After all those activities each country had to present their selves, it was really interesting, because we found out interesting facts about other countries. Then we went outside where we had an opportunity do taste national food of each countries.

On Wednesday we went to Medimurje park which is similar to our Rāznas national park. We walked a lot and explored different flora and fauna, fed horses, had a meal by the river-Mura and did many more activities.

On Thursday we had an excursion through the Varadžin city, than we went to the Trakošcan castle, after that we had a free time to see beautiful landscapes. In the second half of day we played sports games with other countries and it helped to make new friends and get to know each other.

On Friday we again went to the school where we had to participate in 3 different activities, which we had chosen previously. In the evening we had a disco. In the night we had an opportunity to use a telescope to watch stars.

In 3:00 AM began our journey home and in the evening we were finally home.

The time that we spent in Croatia was truly beautiful. The week went by really fast and it felt almost weird return home. We want to thank our teachers-Olga Boboviča and Velta Augustova- for their support, care and company during this trip. We also want to say thank you to the organizators of this trip Marija Mickeviča,  accountant Atrida Koļča and driver Jānis Čivkulis.